Mexican Products


After moving to Montreal from Monterrey (a city in the north of Mexico), we quickly realized that despite the very well developed bakery industry and the amazing quality of wheat harvested in Quebec, the wheat flour tortillas available were similar to the ones offered in the United States: Something far away from the authentic Mexican taste in a tortilla. We started baking our own tortillas at home, using Doña Liliana’s recipe. We tested different flours and ingredients, and came up with the perfect selection to get a real home-style tortilla that does not mask the food flavors but enhances them!

Today, Canada offers a richness of cultures and gastronomy fusions, and Mexican cuisine is not the exception. With a remarkable growth trend, restaurants are creating and serving more and more dishes using Tortilla because it is versatile and healthier than other alternatives. It started with tacos, but today, the use of tortillas goes way beyond ! With this in mind, we brought our equipment directly from Mexico. With it, and the selected Canadian ingredients we have carefully picked after months of research and development, we are able to supply the authentic wheat flour tortilla that was missing in this wonderful Country.

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