Les Jardins Dorval

Les Jardins Dorval

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À PROPOS Jardins dorval

On October 23rd and 24th, North American Development Group, the new owner of Les Jardins Dorval shopping center, invited Dorval’s citizens to discuss the vision of the development of the empty parking lot south of Carson Avenue. The company is pleased with the first Open House meetings, where nearly 500 citizens visited the installation, which was specifically set up for the occasion at Les Jardins Dorval.

Participants were introduced to the preliminary perspectives for the mixed-use real estate project, which could include mainly rental and condo-type residential units, specialty services, green spaces, and public spaces. The developers will analyze comments, suggestions, and ideas shared during these meetings in the coming weeks. A public consultation will also be organized by the City of Dorval as prescribed by the protocol when zoning changes are requested. The date will be announced shortly.

Numéro de téléphone: 514-307-0213