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Coop Taxi



Since 1973 Coop Taxi De l’Ouest has been serving the daily transport needs of Montreal’s western region with more than 1.5 million passengers per year.  We operate with an ethics code signed by over 220 members on a yearly basis. Our #1 priority is enforcing this quality charter as a commitment to our growing customer base. Coop Taxi De l’Ouest understands that quality of service is the only added value that matters to the client who has the choice of the same service offered by different companies. We constantly strive to improve our services to better serve our clients.

Coop de Taxi de l’Ouest with 60% of hybrid taxis in its fleet contributes to the DRIVE GREEN project and aims to gradually replace petrol vehicles with electric, hybrid, or propane cars, at the latest by the end of the year 2023.

Numéro de téléphone: 514-636-6666