Las Fincas Cafe

Las Fincas Cafe



Las Fincas is the literal translation of the Spanish word for farms or agricultural land. For us, the word goes beyond its natural meaning, to us Las Fincas is the sum of two philosophies, two business backgrounds, and two friends with the same vision and objective. We share a common goal to promote the uniqueness of high-quality coffee, to share the stories of the farmers implicated in its production and processing, and to encourage better coffee business platforms that enhance the living quality of all of us that are involved. We strongly believe that the future of specialty coffee lies directly in the collaborative efforts of farmers, exporters-importers, roasters, and consumers.

Our mission is to combine all the fine characteristics of our coffee beans with the stories of the farmers behind their production and fuse them together to produce a taste profile that reflects all of these unique and complex aspects at the first sip. Getting to this point has not been easy, but it sure has been a challenge that we have been ready to take on since roast batch number one. Combined, we bring years of positive and successful customer care and service skills, product development, marketing and sales experience that help us find creative ways to get our delicious coffee into people’s cups.

Numéro de téléphone: 514-631-2222