Cardio Plein air

Cardio Plein air



Cardio Plein Air aspires to the well-being of Quebecers by offering innovative and accessible training programs in a pleasant and motivating experience. Born from the idea of ​​a businesswoman passionate about physical activity and the great outdoors, Cardio Plein Air has enabled thousands of Quebecers to be well and active since the fall of 2000. Pioneer in training in nature on a national scale, Danielle Danault has been involved in the training community for more than 35 years when she is both an inveterate trainer and a recognized speaker.

By calling on her experience, her creative flair, and her desire to get involved, she created Cardio Plein Air, the first outdoor training concept in Quebec; Axis training, a unique online training to become a group or private trainer; and Slow Move Fitness, an innovative, slow-paced workout comprised of flowing sequences of functional exercises that combine strength and mobility. It is the trademark holder of Slow Move Fitness in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Phone number: 514-604-7773